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“The difference between capitalism and communism is that with capitalism, man exploits man, whereas with communism it's the other way around.”—Anon.

Listen Liberty!

An Individualist Anarchist (anti-state and anti-capitalist) electronic periodical highly influenced by the works mainly of Individualist Anarchist or laissez-faire free-market libertarian socialist Lysander Spooner, as well as the works by Individualist Anarchists (libertarian socialists) Benjamin Tucker, Josiah Warren (Equitable Commerce),  Ezra Heywood, J.K. Ingalls, William B. Greene, Stephen Pearl Andrews, and the Mutualist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon.

Anarchy Archives

Archives of anarchy, of all things. Of particular interest at this location is George Schumm's English translation of John Henry Mackay's The Anarchist: A Picture of Civilization at The Close of the Nineteenth Century, published by Benjamin R. Tucker. The poet Mackay wrote the definitive biography of Max Stirner, Max Stirner — Sein Leben und Sein Werk [file size: 1/2 meg].

Anarchist Library

This site has essays by Bakunin, Tucker, et al., in the pantheon of anarchist luminaries. Tucker's collection of essays, titled, Individual Liberty is a must see item.

Total Liberty Home Page

Total Liberty is an occasional Anarchist journal printed and published from Derby, England. It's namesake was inspired by Benjamin Tucker's famous broadsheet, Liberty. Writers are invited to contribute to upcoming issues.

L'En Dehors

French language site with an individualist slant, but broad in its scope. Includes a substantial list of links on its Planète Noire page.

Hogeye Bill's Anarchism Page

Anarchism from an anarcho-capitalist point of view, but all-inclusive nonetheless (unlike some of a socialist orientation).

Joseph Labadie: Anarchist and Labor Agitator

Intended for all those interested in the development of the American labor movement and American anarchism who may wish to learn more about the activities, views and writings of the individualist anarchist and Michigan labor leader Joseph A. Labadie (1850-1933). The maintainer of this site, Carlotta Anderson, is the granddaughter of Jo Labadie and author of All-American Anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the Labor Movement published by Wayne State University Press.

Wstep do dziwnych i ciekawych stron Jacka Sierpinskiego

Translation: "The Introduction to Odd & Interesting Pages of Jacek Sierpinski." Jacek Sierpinski is libertarianism's operative in Poland. Actually, he prefers the designation, anarchist, as he often uses on his site the term 'nierzad'—which can mean 'anarchy' as well as 'prostitution.' (This site depends upon the "ISO-8859-2" 8-bit character set.)

The Voluntaryist

This is the publication of an anti-political movement launched by Wendy McElroy, George Smith, and Carl Watner in 1982. Carl Watner has been responsible for keeping it alive with the help of an Apple II. Another individual a bit more computer-adept is maintaining the web site.

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage

Its aim is to present what anarchism really stands for and indicate why you should become an anarchist.

The Life and Work of Rudolf Rocker

Devoted to the life and work of the anarcho-syndicalist writer, historian and militant, Rudolf Rocker (1873-1958), a devotee of the cause of human freedom. Certainly the work of a devotee.

The Mid-Atlantic Infoshop Home Page

Your guide to online anarchy. This page has links to text files and other web pages of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other social change activists.

(An) Anarchy Home Page

This home page is intended to be a resource for those interested in anarchy and its relatives.

Marcus Wendel's Itinerate Seventh Seal Page

Very eclectic web site covering multifarious and wide-ranging impulses where, most probably, something can be found to offend and bring out the bookburner in anyone.

Fridemokratisk studentlag

A page for freedom based in Norway that kindly has a section for English speaking peoples.

The Labadie Collection

Features Jo Labadie and His Gift to Michigan with numerous exhibits including one for Benjamin R. Tucker and a special section devoted to Agnes Inglis, the collection's original curator.

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