Libertarianism, Etc.


“My only concern is that, if we ever do wise up and dump the federal government, I'll lose my biggest source of comic material.”—Dave Barry

The Libertarian Enterprise

This is the publication of L. Neil Smith with such luminaries as Wendy McElroy as regular contributors. Available as HTML documents at this site.

Liberty Unbound

This is the web site for Liberty magazine, the bi-monthly libertarian (classical liberal, or individualist) review of thought, culture and politics.

The Free State Project

The mission of this particular enterprise is to serve as a clearinghouse for individuals who are interested in achieving by electoral means a “satisfactory level of autonomy” for themselves and who are willing to relocate to a State determined to be most amenable to this end.

The Center for Libertarian Studies

Established since the mid-1970s and originally under the editorial control of Murray Rothbard, the CLS is currently creating a presence on the WWW. Publisher of occasional papers on topics of burning interest to libertarians and the quarterly Journal of Libertarian Studies. Their web site is still mostly under construction as of 12 June 1999.

The "anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site" of arch-libertarian, Lew Rockwell, founder and president of the Mises Institute at Auburn University and former legislative assistant to Congressman Ron Paul. It's a division of the abovementioned CLS which is, no doubt, part of some bigger fish in deep background, but we just can't be bothered with the details from Bob Woodward.

Free World Order

An ambitious web site that seems to pick up on the theme struck by Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World and other free market-oriented libertariana of that ilk. Contains a wealth of reading material for those who have a spare moment in their daily toil to peruse the site. Even has a visual concept map for the post-modern generation and other nonlinear thinking individuals.

David D. Friedman's Home Page

Here you can explore the four worlds of the site's namesake including his writings in law and economics as well as libertarianism. One may sample chapters from his first and perhaps best known work, The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, or preview his latest contribution, Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life, and much much more.

Goldthwaite's Home Page

Devoted to the principle of equal freedom. Classic works by Spooner, Robinson, Yarros, and Tucker not available elsewhere as well as some original contributions worthy of attention.

Liberty Activists for Freedom in Our Lifetime

Regularly maintains an agenda for the activist-oriented libertarian and is a member of a Webring.


This is described as an online database of the international free-market movement. Very expansive, indeed!

Attack Cartoons

Insensitive comics for all ages by John Bergstrom contributor to such "trivial publications" as Liberty, Gauntlet and Slick Times.

Kings of the High Frontier

This the latest contribution to libertarian fiction from Victor Koman available for downloading at Pulpless Fiction. Koman is the author of the award winning "Jehovah Contract" and "Solomon's Knife."

The Liberty Round Table

Libertarianism with an Arthurian twist for those who find liberty as elusive as the Holy Grail. Warning: You will have to bring your own coconuts since they are not native to the Land of the Britons.

Libertarian Alliance Publications

Home page of the UK's Libertarian Alliance with publications totaling 550. Some are online in text form; others are due to be online sometime later.

Libertarianism: A Primer

David Boaz, of the conservative Washington-based think-tank, the Cato Institute, is the author of this introductory piece.

James's Liberty File

A collection of files on liberty, the right to arm bears, etc. Includes a copy of Lysander Spooner's Natural Law.

The Spirit of Lysander Spooner

In addition to a copy of Natural Law, this site includes other works by Spooner such as No Treason and Trial By Jury plus interesting tidbits about the essayist himself. Another site dedicated to Spooner can be found here.

Home Page of Pierre Lemieux

This is the home page of Pierre Lemieux of Montreal, Canada. It is, according to Mr. Limieux, a site about liberty.

Ethical Egoism

A short survey of some of the more important introductory philosophical works on ethical egoism plus short summaries of recent articles on ethical egoism.

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