Anarchism and Feminism


Official Home Page of Wendy McElroy

The author of XXX: A Woman's Right to Pornography, Sexual Correctness, and The Reasonable Woman: A Guide to Intellectual Survival among other fine contributions to libertarian literature has undertaken to make some of it available to the reading public with access to the W3. Also, make a point of visiting the ifeminist site she edits.

Feminism In Liberty

Sharon Presley's contribution to a little volume published in the early 1980s celebrating the centennial of Benjamin R. Tucker's well-known publication, Liberty. The title of the volume is, Benjamin R. Tucker and the Champions of Liberty: A Centenary Anthology. Dr. Presley discusses the femme issues uniquely dealt with in Tucker's venerable broadsheet.

Voltairine de Cleyre

This is Paper 1 of the Libertarian Feminist Heritage Series published by the Association of Libertarian Feminists. Written by Sharon Presley, it was originally published in issue #8 of The Storm! (Winter 1979).

Book Review: Voltairine de Cleyre S.E. Parker's review of the biography of Voltairine de Cleyre written by Paul Avrich, entitled, An American Anarchist: The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre. James J. Martin made some interesting comments about the subject anent his notion about temperament in an interview published elsewhere in these pages. Also Sharon Presley makes reference to her in her fine article about feminism in Liberty, which see.

Anarchism and American Traditions

This essay is Voltairine de Cleyre's best-known work and argues that anarchism is the logical consequence of the principles of the American Revolution. Unfortunately, most of her work is buried in the pages of obscure radical papers, and her reputation is based on a small fraction of her writing.

The Economic Tendency of Freethought

This "article, reprinted from Benjamin Tucker's periodical Liberty, was originally delivered by Voltairine de Cleyre as a lecture before the Boston Secular Society. It is an excellent example of the interrelationship between the individualist-feminist view of the church and of the state." (Introductory remarks by Wendy McElroy from her book, Freedom, Feminism, and the State.)

Brief Bibliographic Essay

This essay by Wendy McElroy is from a chapter of her forthcoming book Sexual Correctness, to be published by MacFarland & Co. About it, she writes: "Sexual correctness is a dogma that permits no dissent. Gender feminists have no scruples about silencing and dismissing the voices of women who disagree. Thus--though individualist feminism is a rich tradition with deep roots in American history--it is virtually ignored. This bibliographic essay is a pioneering step toward reclaiming an aspect of feminist history that the orthodoxy would rather remain in the dustbin."

Gertrude Kelly: Forgotten Feminist

Wendy McElroy unearths the thoughts of yet another feminist luminary buried by the received wisdom of modern-day feminists.

Uncivil Liberty

Ezra Heywood sides with the feminists of his day in this fine example of his pampheteering abilities. Includes an introduction by James J. Martin.

Goldthwaite's Home Page

Mentioned elsewhere, this site has three historically significant articles from Tucker's publication, Liberty of interest here: 1) Abolition of Marriage by John Beverly Robinson; 2) The Woman Question by Victor Yarros; and 3) A Reply to Victor by Zelm (Sarah Holmes).

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