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Search Engines


Local Searches

TMH's Gnome-Drive Search Engine

Multiple realm search engine with the following current options: 1) Search all the articles archived at The Memory Hole except for the following two items which can be searched separately: a) The entire text of Max Stirner's tract on philosophical egoism can be searched by key terms or phrases; b) For those who don't need to browse the Index by Wendy McElroy, a keyword search can be performed here.

Search the World Wide Web

My Virtual Reference Desk (aka Refdesk)

A very ambitious effort to create the ultimate reference resource for the all_in_one crowd. [This link was added ca 1996 before the era of pop-up adverts. You are being forewarned that Refdesk has adopted this malicious practice. So, set your browsers accordingly.]


A very good starting point for general searches. Linked to other search engines and indices.


Another species of search engine that definitely is a serious contender in the battle for the title of best ever.

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