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The HIV=AIDS Controversy


I am dying with the help of too many physicians.—Alexander the Great

Doctors pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into human beings of which they know nothing.—Voltaire

The pathology lies not with us, but with the biomedical establishment...[The war on “AIDS” is] the medicalization of the continuing pogrom against gays, particularly gay men.—Fred A. Cline, Jr.

The HIV/AIDS regime has been a very profitable business for massively big pharma despite all the deaths they've caused to those medicalized for being black or gay. If only the latter could get honest medical advice. There's just too much to be reaped to allow that to happen.—Anon

Get with the pogrom and take your AZT.—Michael Ellner

AP: Research Flawed on Key AIDS Medicine

The controversy spills over into the mainstream as ongoing clinical trials of the principal poison administered to patients who've tested positive for HIV is undergoing unwanted scrutiny at the heart of medical darkness, the NIH.

Response to Editorial in South African Medical Journal

Robert Giraldo summarizes the different sides of the controversy in a submission to the journal which has become a focal point of the controversy that has been brewing in South Africa. Please visit Dr. Giraldo's personal web site for additional equally compelling exposition on these and other AIDS-related issues both here and abroad.

My Bout of So-Called AIDS

Christine Maggiore gives an accounting of her latest brush with the dark angel of medicine and in the process provides a classic example of the cognitive dysfunction often attending medical decision making that needlessly renders the doctor-patient relationship a lethal one.

‘AIDS is a religious matter’

South Africa is one of a number of countries that have been treated as easy prey in the crosshairs of a biomedical/industrial complex so dependant upon the golden egg-layer called AIDS. That the South Africa president through sheer logic made such a shambles of their beloved enterprise was far more than they could bear. The inevitable result has been for them to turn to the courts and clerics. By these means, rather than by simple persuasion by argument, do they hope to have their way. Guns, seemingly always in far greater abundance than butter especially where the latter is in greatest need, cannot be far behind.

AIDS Realism Versus the HIV Hypothesis

John Lauritsen highlights some of the major flaws and a few of the more diastrous consequences of the HIV hypothesis of so-called AIDS, not only to people who have been diagnosed HIV-positive, but to the whole of science itself.

Letter to San Francisco Examiner from TMH Editor

Letter submitted to the San Francisco Examiner regarding the 28 November 2001 arrests of Act-Up S.F. activists on numerous trumped up charges. It has since been revealed that the invocation of recently passed so-called “anti-terrorist” legislation is being sought by the complainants in the case including other gays with a vested interest in the HIV/AIDS industry.

Red Flags Weekly

Their mission "is to probe medical, scientific, environmental, artistic, and political issues in a manner that one rarely encounters in mainstream news reports [and] raise red flags or issues that require public attention and debate."

A New Approach to AIDS

“AIDS educator Kriben Pillay tells Rowan Philip why he believes HIV is not the villain behind the AIDS epidemic. A drama lecturer at the University of Durban-Westville, Kriben’s views are based on personal opinions, rather than conclusive scientific study,” in an article from the 12 January 1997 Sunday Times.

Foot and Mouth — the Management of a Pseudo-crisis

Steve Ransom of Credence Publications brings to light some intriguing parallels between the animal medical arts and sciences and those of the anthropocentric variety.

Lies, Damn Lies & AIDS

Book review by Brian Doherty of Robert Root-Bernstein's Rethinking AIDS originally appeared in Liberty, August 1993. Although it has its shortcomings, it is a fair introduction to the HIV=AIDS controversy.

San Francisco Chronicle: A Dissenting View on AIDS Policy

Former HIV/AIDS statistical researcher points to evidence from the CDC's own publications in support of Thabo Mbeki's doubt regarding the western biomedical establishment’s intentions in Africa. See also his submission for U.S. Congress approval.

Magnus: Queer News, Opinion, Culture

The April 2000 issue of this San Francisco-based publication is particularly interesting reading for those following the fortunes of activists subsidized by metanational drug-peddling combines.

Subsidized Consensus

Renegade conservative gadfly, Joseph Sobran, looks at why orthodox views (which, for him, are liberal) cannot permit or tolerate any debate or dissent. Money, status, and power rather than intellectual integrity seem to be the high stakes involved. So, no change there.

The Plague That Isn't

Charles Geshekter who teaches African History at California State University, Chico, makes a strong case for skepticism when it comes to the claims of AIDS in Africa. The racism that Geshekter here suggests motivates the Africa AIDS scare is parallel to the homophobia that motivates the AIDS scare in America and elsewhere in the world.

SA President Mbeki is Target of HIV/AIDS Scientists' Unique Brand of Peer Review

The western biomedical establishment reacts to letter from South Africa President Thabo Mbeki to political leaders of the world regarding the manifestly unique nature of AIDS in Africa and what he feels is indicated. Sign petition in support of Mbeki. A list of the president's advisory panel is available here.

New England Journal of Medicine Admits Lapses

The Los Angeles Times reports that the New England Journal of Medicine has acknowledged apparently in direct response to charges in an earlier L.A. Times piece that there may have been a few bad eggs spoiling their otherwise spotless image.

Science Fiction

From the March 2000 issue of Gear Magazine, Celia Farber uses David Ho, an erstwhile major AIDS industry player, as a case study of how to succeed in medicine without really trying. This is a great piece, but ends a bit too soon in its discussion of the role of public relations in the biomedical establishment hysteria called AIDS.


A letter from Dave Pasquarelli expands on the theme struck by Fred Cline in the quote above in response to a lurid NYTimes article included here. The very important and central issues raised in the letter are not often heard or allowed a decent hearing, so it appears.

What If He's Right?

Mark Anderson's excellent overview, which also appears in The Valley Advocate supplement cited below, of the controversy—from its origins to its current condition—in the course of addressing the question raised by the following statement: Despite blistering attacks by mainstream scientists, Peter Duesberg insists HIV does not cause AIDS.

Stefan Lanka Interview

Mark Gabrish Conlan interviews Stefan Lanka (from the December, 1998 issue of Zenger's). In the course of this interview, German researcher, Lanka, fields questions about AIDS (Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome) and questions the biomedical dogmas of our times.

An Appeal to Repeal the Ehrlich Prize to Gallo

In the words of Montaigne: To be honored in these times is a disgrace. A German activist issues an appeal to others to protest the decision of a prize-giving entity in his homeland. Addresses to appropriate authorities are provided for those who still use the post.

Judge Clapp's Decision on Nikolas Emerson

The life of a 4-year old child, who had tested positive for HIV and had faced the prospect of enforced treatments, was spared by a Maine judge in a decision which, among other things, underscored the fact that AIDS therapies are tantamount to poisoning by prescription.

Flight from the AIDS Police

Journalist, Marnie Ko, gives an accounting of Sophie Brassard's ordeal with AIDS police over the fate of her children under court order to get with the pogrom and take their AIDS cocktails. A rather telling spotlight is briefly shown on, undoubtedly, one of the most enthusiastic participants in the AIDS research epidemic, Dr. Mark Wainberg. Dr. Wainberg indicates he's unsure whether or not the profits he receives from one of the three drugs used in the AIDS cocktail forceably administered to the Brassard children would be enough for him to retire on at this time. Ko's articles are hosted by the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society.

The Epidemic of African AIDS Hysteria

Charles Geshekter, who teaches African History at California State University, Chico, reviews the public hysteria of the public health types in Africa.

Fear and Loathing in Geneva

Spin reporter Celia Farber gives a state of the media report in the wake of the International AIDS Conference in Geneva (Summer 1998) which proved to be a rather predictable affair (no surprise there!).

Claims of Conflict of Interest and Self-Dealing In High Places

A letter to the director of the National Institutes of Health from a concerned U.S. citizen regarding the questionable doings of one of the director's high profile underlings.

Campaign to Ban the HIV Test

The British publication, Continuum, provides reasons why it has proposed a test ban on all HIV antibody tests. It urges you to just say 'No' to HIV tests.

A Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis

A petition that was drafted and submitted by Michael Baumgartner, Alex Russell and Michael Verney-Elliott to the United Nations, Geneva 1997.

31 July 1997 Epistle to the National Academy of Sciences

The director of Project Inform [sic] requests that Prof. Peter Duesberg be banished from the esteemed academy for expressing opinions not in the interest of the AIDS establishment presuming, of course, that the academy has a vested interest in protecting the integrity of the AIDS establishment at the expense of good science. A facsimile reproduction of a variation of the same letter is available as a doc and pdf.

12 September 1997 Missive to the NAS

Fred Cline, Jr. retaliates with a rejoinder to Martin Delaney's letter to Dr. Bruce Alberts, president of the NAS. Contains some important new findings.

Blinded by Science

David Rasnick, a skeptical veteran of AIDS research, bemoans the culture of conformity imposed by government-funded, industry-driven, and media-hyped Big Science.

Non-Infectious HIV is Pathogenic

Report on the Gordon Conference on the Chemotherapy of AIDS originally appeared in Reappraising AIDS, vol. 5, no. 3, March 1997. Reappraising AIDS is a monthly publication of The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.

Pathways to Health: AIDS

Raymond Francis puts things into perspective by drawing important distinctions between health, disease, and the role of infection.

Questions To Ask Your Doctor About “HIV”

Questions to ask your doctor about “HIV” (and then watch his/her eyes glaze over). Warning: Doctors as a rule do not like to be questioned.

Inhibitors of HIV Protease Useless Against AIDS

David Rasnick, who holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and has lived in San Francisco for over 15 years designing protease inhibitors and studying AIDS and HIV, holds forth on the topic.

AZT On Trial

Investigative journalist, John Lauritsen, wrote this item for the 19 October 1987 New York Native. It is archived at Peter Duesberg's web site.

An Interview With John Lauritsen

This interview was published in the April 1997 issue of Zenger's, the publication of H.E.A.L. San Diego. It took place while John Lauritsen was on a book tour in California. Interviewer: Mark Gabrish Conlan for Zenger's.

The Drug-AIDS Hypothesis (Excerpted)

This is an excerpt from an article which appeared in the Feb/Mar 1997 issue of Continuum supplement, vol. 4, no. 5, by Peter Duesberg and David Rasnick, titled, The Drug-AIDS Hypothesis.

Stories of Those Who Believed in AZT

From Chapter Nine--With Therapies Like This, Who Needs Disease?--of the book Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter Duesberg. The cases of Kimberly Bergalis, Alison Gertz, and Arthur Ashe, among others are discussed.

Osler's Web

A review by Fred A. Cline, Jr. of a book that explores the parallels between AIDS research and research into Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) and exposes the politics behind the reductionist approach taken by the HIV/AIDS establishment.

The HIV and AIDS Controversy: Alive and Well—Eugene

Web presence of the Eugene, Oregon chapter of Alive and Well which appears to be a growing movement. Particular attention is given here to the menace of AZT, one of the most widely used weapons of the biomedical establishment in its war against the population labeled HIV+.

The Valley Advocate: Does HIV Cause AIDS?

A Northampton, Massachusetts publication, The Valley Advocate, devotes a portion of its web site to the case of the People vs. the Biomedical/Industrial Complex over whether the HIV=AIDS hypothesis has any merit.

Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?

Home page of Peter Duesberg author of Inventing the AIDS Virus. Contains an excellent collection of articles, including the one listed above by Lauritsen.

VirusMyth: A Rethinking AID$ WebSite

A vast collection of articles and information resides here. “Remote control” navigation available at this site including reprints from the Continuum. Very well-organized and exhaustive.

Act Up, San Francisco

Strongly activist-oriented in-your-face splinter group of AIDS dissidents who are absolutely fed up with the establishment media blur-out of the case against HIV/AIDS causation and of the toxic remedies being used to wipe out the gay population in the name of fighting the nonexistent AIDS epidemic. Also advocate legalization of pot perhaps owing to the fact that they run a lucrative medical marijuana dispensary enterprise based on the model of the ABC store.

HEAL United: Health, Education, AIDS Liaison

HEAL is a non-profit, community based service organization founded by Dr. Michael Ellner in New York City in 1982. There are currently 20 independent HEAL chapters throughout the country and around the world.

HEAL: San Francisco

The San Francisco chapter of HEAL was founded in 1997 by Dean and Dennis McKown who formed the chapter to educate the public to the fact that there are alternatives to dealing with a compromised immune system other than using highly toxic drugs (chemicals).

HEAL: Monterey Peninsula

Monterey Peninsula chapter under the direction of Michele Rolfe, who tested positive for antibodies to the human immunodeficiency virus in 1988 and has not developed any symptoms characteristic of AIDS. Group holds monthly meetings in the peninsula area. Excellent resource.

HEAL: Portland

Portland, Oregon chapter HEAL-Portland produces and sponsors a monthly cable show on Portland Cable Access, Channel 30, featuring broadcasts of their monthly speakers plus in-studio interviews and discussions.

HEAL: Toronto

‘We believe “HIV=AIDS=DEATH” is FALSE.’ Thus spake one of the newest chapters of HEAL north of the border.

HEAL: Deutschland

Another HEAL site representing chapters in Berlin and Nuernberg (auf Deutsch).

Exploser le mythe "VIH / sida"

A HEAL chapter in France, mostly in French, naturellement. Plenty of reading.

Sumeria: The Immune System

Including AIDS, HIV, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A vast collection of articles from a wide range of sources.

James Hayes & The BandAIDS Travelling Medicine Show [broken link]

This particular travelling medicine show “is about stopping the insanity of AIDS with the truth.” It has been scaled back in more recent times, but the web site is a fine resource with an excellent synopsis [broken link] by Michael Martinez.

Reappraising AIDS

The monthly publication of The Group for the Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis, members include medical scientists, physicians, and other professionals from around the world who encourage serious reconsideration of the infectious HIV/AIDS model.

HIV & AIDS Information Links

Numerous links under different topics including a list of pointers to sites addressing Alternative Treatments.

Colman's AIDS Page

This is Colman Jones web page devoted to alternative views of HIV/AIDS including those of John Scythes.

AIDS Patent Browse Page

[Broken Link] Rocket science has nothing on AIDS as the U.S. Patent Office's rapidly expanding lists of AIDS-related patents both in the U.S. and abroad suggest. Update (28 November 1999): The PTO has the following announcement regarding the AIDS database: “The previously-offered AIDS Database has been discontinued, since it has been rendered obsolete and redundant by the availability of searchable patent full-text supplemented by full-page images. AIDS researchers can now design their own customized searches tailored to their specific needs and apply them to the full-text database.” Access to the full-text database can be found here. However, it is only for U.S. patents. The upshot is the original high-profile, rather complete AIDS patent database has been replaced by something that falls rather short of the mark.

AIDS Annotated Bibliography

An excellent reading list that includes many items not available on the WWW. Any questions about this document can be addressed to the author, Fred A. Cline, Jr.