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Links to Other Egoist Sites


The Egoist Archive

Many excellent articles are collected here dealing with issues of philosophical egoism. The contributions of Dora Marsden are included and deserve the closest attention (now hosted by Nonserviam).

Max Stirner

Benjamin Tucker's edition of Max Stirner's major contribution to egoist philosophy, The Ego and His Own, is one of the various related selections available in this part of the Egoist Archives.

The Essence of Christianity (Das Wesen des Christentums)

This singular work by Ludwig Feuerbach, a contemporary of Stirner's, was issued a few years before Stirner's The Ego and His Own and thus became an important target in the latter work.

The Philosophy of Egoism

American writer James L. Walker, regular contributor to Benjamin Tucker's Liberty broadsheet, wrote this important work largely inspired by The Ego and His Own. It is eminently readable and is available courtesy of the Egoist Archives.

Slaves to Duty

John Badcock's talk on egoism is not to be missed by anyone wanting a clearcut introduction to the topic. This is another item available at the Egoist Archives.

The False Principle of Our Education

This essay by Max Stirner anticipates his later more famous work. This version available at the Egoist Archives includes the introduction written by James J. Martin, editor of the Libertarian Broadsides series of pamphlets.

The Max Stirner Web Site

This site is maintained by an afficianado in Norway and contains much about the author of The Ego and His Own as well as philosophical egoism including many original essays and even a newsletter devoted to the subject. The site is presented in frames.

Max Stirner im LSR-Projekt

Texte von und ueber Max Stirner sowie La Mettrie und Wilhelm Reich. Die Konzentration auf diese drei Verfemten wird dort erklaert. An English section located here features two original contributions by site host Bernd Laska: 1) on the failed attempts by Stirner's more famous contemporaries to relegate him to the dustbin of intellectual history located here; and 2) an essay which asks the intriguing and provocative question, Did Dora Marsden “transcend” Stirner? located here. Great fun for you English types!