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Critiques of Libertarianism


Critiques of Libertarianism

Web site dedicated to critiquing libertarianism. Mike Huben is filling a void that supposedly exists probably owing to the fact that so few people are really interested one way or t'other. However, to liven things up, Mark LaRochelle offers his own rejoinder located here [broken link 01.29.02] to Huben's Non-Libertarian FAQ found here.

Libertarian As Conservative

Part of a collection of essays by Bob Black, this one invokes Black's ‘abolition of work’ thesis in its case against Libertarianism which in Black's view celebrates work as much as if not more than Marxism/Leninism.

Critiques Of Other Political Views

At the Spunk Press archives there is no shortage of critiquing when it comes to libertarians. Broad menu of articles to suit everyone's taste.

Libertarianism: Bogus Anarchy

Peter Sabatini takes a stab at the question of whether or not libertarians are anarchist. Apparently, Nobel laureate Scottish-American economist, James Buchanan, has labeled himself an anarchist. Hoot-mon!