Debunking the Devil Theory of War

Charles Beard, in his “The Devil Theory of War“, draws on documents from the Nye committee to document his case against the the theory. The theory proposes that agents from another dimension with wicked intentions insinuate themselves into the normal flow of peaceful and idyllic activities, and shifts them to war unwillingly. The theory is debunked handily in this little book, showing how through ordinary seemingly peaceful commerce stakeholders are created with vested interests in promulgating war.

An Address to Men of Science

200px-Richard_Carlile_SketchRichard Carlile, reformer and avowed atheist, writing from a cell where he was serving time for committing free speech, calls upon men of science to come forth and wrest “the truth from the foul grasp and persecution of superstition; and obtain for the island of Great Britain the noble appellation of the focus of truth; whence mankind shall be illuminated, and the black and pestiferous clouds of persecution and superstition be banished from the face of the earth; as the only sure prelude to universal peace and harmony among the human race.” This eloquent entreaty was printed and published by Carlile in 1821, a couple years after the Peterloo massacre which he’d witnessed first hand. It was an important advancement in the public discussion of disbelief — the very thing that got him into so much trouble with the church-state establishment.

Another Pamphlet Authored by Harry Elmer Barnes

The title is “The Chickens of the Interventionist Liberals Have Come Home to Roost: The bitter fruits of globaloney,” originally published in 1953. This is described in James J. Martin’s A Beginner’s Manual for Apprentice Book Burners as a production certain to “induce a few cases of apoplexy.”

Indeed, more than a few, as it holds forth in behalf of a return to historical revisionism after a too long hiatus in the earlier part of the century it was written. Here are some random quotes from the 44 page document:

Indeed, while they have indulged in almost unlimited rhetorical dolorosity and indignation over the increased regimentation of thought and expression, the totalitarian liberals, as a whole, have done virtually nothing which could have any real effect in eliminating the conditions under which they now seem to writhe. To do anything really effective along such lines would be almost impossible for these totalitarian liberals, since the first, and almost the only important, step would have to be a confession that their program of intervention, war and globaloney since 1937 has been a gigantic fraud and a vastly expensive hoax which Soviet Russia has been only too happy to exploit.

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Peter Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid

So, yet another item that has been sitting in the queue has been added to the mix at The Memory Hole. In this case, the brilliant exposition of Peter Kropotkin in his seminal work, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution. This is the edition edited by Paul Avrich and features a thoughtful introduction by him.

The book is broken into individual chapters and other components, each available in the Adobe portable document format. An online table of contents is provided to make it easy for readers to find their way around the book. Enjoy!

Benjamin R. Tucker Anthology

Finally got around to uploading the Benjamin R. Tucker centenary anthology originally published in paperback in 1986 by Michael E. Coughlin and Mark Sullivan. The occasion for this volume was not clear apart from a seminal Tucker essay, State Socialism and Anarchism: How Far They Agree, and Wherein They Differ, that was supposed to have been published about 100 years prior.

Be that as it may, the collected essays are herewith presented to the reader with access to Adobe Reader. Each essay is presented as a separate document to help minimize bandwidth requirements.

The Great Explosion is Awah

Received an advisory from a literary agent representing Eric Frank Russell’s estate that the science fiction author’s novel, The Great Explosion, posted on TMH had to be removed. Here’s the note:

I understand that you host the [The Great Explosion] website. Pollinger Ltd are the literary representatives for the Estate of Eric Frank Russell.

The Great Explosion by Eric Frank Russell is currently copyright-protected, therefore I must inform you that you are required to remove it immediately from the site.

Please confirm by email that the work has been removed.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

So, the novel was removed from TMH and then there was none.

Suvorov: Whence Aggression, June 1941?

In Viktor Suvorov’s paper, Who was Planning to Attack Whom in June 1941, Hitler or Stalin?, we are introduced to more details about Russia’s planning and preparation for war on Germany. In light of current events (which are seldom alluded to here), particularly, in the Caucasus on the part of Georgia, we can see how even the most unequivocal aggression can be turned on its head with the flick of the Mighty Wurlitzer switch.